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Reward Strategy. Incoporating Payroll World.


08.20: Registration and the Reward 100 Breakfast, sponsored by Cintra

08.50: Opening address from Reward Strategy

09.00: Future of payroll: why we're reward

  • Why now's the time for reward
  • How payroll is increasingly an integral element of business strategy
  • Understand how managers analyse data to advise HR on:
    • Pay and improving the work model
    • Reward design
    • People management
  • How payroll managers can utilise their understanding of legislation to effect changes in the organisation
  • How auto-enrolment has moved workplace pensions firmly into the domain of payroll
  • Understand how the bureaux are adjusting to the changes of payroll in a business
    • How to develop an effective cross-functional relationship with a client’s in-house function or department


Karen Thomson

Director - Group Payroll Services



Steve Collins

HR BPO & Payroll SME

Thomas Cook

09.30: HMRC update

  • PAYE Refresh: Benefits for employees and the impact on the work of payroll professionals
  • Gauging changes to salary sacrifice and benefits in kind
  • Exploring the outcome of the implementation of the Apprenticeship Levy
  • Analysis of employment status
    • An update on employment status and HMRC’s Employment Status Tool
    • Overview of off-payroll working

Penny Earle

Senior Relationship Manager

HM Revenue & Customs


Ian Holloway

Stakeholder Engagement Advisor


10.00: Taylor Review: what it means for payroll and reward

  • What are the implications of the review on payroll, HR and reward
  • What should be your understanding of "good work": wages, employment quality, education and training, working conditions, work life balance and consultative participation and collective representation
  • Considerations for platform based companies and those who prefer flexible working
  • Additional protections for dependent contractors.
  • Ensuring realistic ways to strengthen future prospects at work
  • The UK needs to Developing a more proactive approach to workplace health to benefit companies and workers

10.30: Break







10.50: Tax and national insurance update

    • Alignment of employer and employee NI threshold: Will the changes simplify NI payments for employers?
    • Assessing proposals for closer alignment of income tax and NICs
      • Discussing the possibility of changing employee NICs to an annual, cumulative and aggregated basis
      • Exploring the potential impact of changing employer NICs to a payroll levy
    • Analysing the status of ‘workers’; employed or self-employed?
    • Are organisations liable to pay NICs for “workers”?
    • Discussing the removal of NI from effects of the Limitation Act 1980, set for April 2018


Samantha Blair

Head of Pay EMEA & LATAM

Dow Jones

10.50: Phasing of contribution

Being prepared for April 2018 and the increase of automatic enrolment contributions

  • What to take into account when calculating contributions
  • Your responsibility in making sure these increases are implemented
  • Using a defined benefits pension scheme
  • Deciding to cover the total minimum contribution required
  • Using a pension scheme which requires different minimum contributions
  • Base minimum contributions on different elements of staff pay

Maria McGoldrick

Payroll Manager


11.20: Reward Strategies 2017-style: what are the issues, what should we be doing about them?

  • The worst decade for pay for 200 years?
  • The broken links: between pay and productivity, pay and
  • employment and pay and engagement
  • Are pay awards too low? The evidence
  • Remember skills-based pay?
  • Total rewards, too much fluff?
  • Financial wellbeing, the new total reward?
  • Moving forward . . .



Duncan Brown

Head of HR Consultancy

Institute for Employment Studies




11.20: GDPR

  • Gauging the increase in responsibility in data protection and potential liability for payroll professionals
  • Ensuring you and other staff are aware of compliance procedures
  • Appointing a Data Protection Officer
  • How to minimise risk in the event of a breach
    • What are the potential risks?
    • What are the consequences of breaches?

11.50: Apprenticeships review

  • How to use the Digital Apprenticeship Service
  • Reporting to HMRC on how much levy to pay each month
  • How will the levy work in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland?
    • Examples from payroll managers in each devolved jurisdiction; how they will implement the levy
    • Results of the Scottish government’s consultation on the UK apprenticeship levy
    • When will the levy be implemented in each nation?
    • How will each nation fund apprenticeships, unlike the voucher system in England?
    • How will the levy affect employers with a cross-border workforce?
  • How the UK government will continue to work with the devolved nations as they implement the levy in their jurisdictions

Ian Holloway

Head of Legislation and compliance


Martin Keeves

Senior Relationship Manager

Department of Education

11.50: How will technological evolution alter approaches

to payroll and workplace benefits

  • How to leverage new technology to better connect employees and their benefits
  • Understand what employees want and how they behave
  • What the future digital workplace culture will look like and how payroll and reward providers are adapting
  • Creating more efficient HR processes to deliver benefits to your organisation







12.20: Lunch







13.30 Careers in payroll: the future of your team

  • As working in Payroll continues to develop in to a career what does role development and education mean for the payroll team
  • Requirements around change management and interpretation
  • Working closely with HR, Finance and legal departments to deliver best practice

13.30: Fraud and disaster planning


  • What are the roles and responsibilities of the Payroll Manager and their team
  • Why it's critical payroll see their role in the wider organisation
  • How can you protect yourself, your company and your clients

Liz Robins

Managing Partner

AS Robins LLP

14.00: Groupon's approach to brexit and economic uncertainty

  • How Groupon is approaching political uncertainty on a strategic level
  • Understand Brexit’s possible impact on payroll
    • National insurance
    • Employment rights
  • What current economic uncertainty means for your team
  • Different employment laws in different jurisdictions and the impact on the payroll department
  • How this affects payroll and clients

Ricardo Rehkopf

Group Head of Payroll


14.00: Salary sacrifice and benefits in kind

Salary sacrifice

  • Advising employees on changes
  • Revisiting salary sacrifice arrangements already in place
    • Preparing for April 2018 deadline; amending existing schemes
    • Cars, accommodation and school fees arrangements, protected until 2021

Benefits in kind

  • Result of the government’s call to evidence on valuation of benefits in kind, announced in the Budget 2017
  • Discussing changes to company car tax bands, set for 2020/21


Michelle Sutton

Payroll & Benefits Manager

Admiral Group

14.30: Payroll across borders

  • Centralised payroll? Or decentralised?
  • Using a bureau for certain jurisdictions
    • Vetting a suitable bureau
  • Managing and training of staff to operate payments across multiple jurisdictions
  • Considerations when paying to different regions
    • Are local payment processes (ACH, SEPA, Direct Entry) well established in the countries you are operating in?
    • Wire transfers, are they costly?
    • Ensuring employees in different countries understand their pay arrangements
    • Regulatory considerations

Andy Brown

Operations Director

EQ Global

14.30: Termination payments

  • Coming into force in April 2018, the session will explain the details of termination payment changes
    • Employer NICs above £30,000 threshold for payments in lieu of notice
  • Have the changes to termination payments simplified the process?
  • Will employer only NICs make the process complex for payroll professionals?
  • Discussing the end of foreign service relief for termination payments
    • Exploring exceptions to NICs imposed on termination payments for employees based overseas



15.00: break

15.20: What makes a comprehensive benefits and reward scheme

  • How to build a comprehensive benefits and reward scheme
  • The work the University of Lincoln has been doing
  • Effects on employee wellbeing and staff turnover
  • Improving organisational culture
  • What makes a good offering

Ian Hodson

Head of Reward

University of Lincoln

Claire Kennedy

Payroll Manager

University of Lincoln

15.20: Gender pay gap reporting


  • Understanding payroll’s responsibilities in the development of reports
  • Which other stakeholders are payroll working with to implement gender pay gap reporting?
  • What data has been included?
  • What will be reported?
  • Training staff in preparation for reporting
  • How to communicate data to employees and external stakeholders

15.50: Workplace saving schemes: pushing performance and wellbeing

  • Ensuring your employees are saving enough for retirement whilst providing an attractive benefits package
  • How can multiple solutions work together in terms of workplace benefits?
  • Understanding employee priorities when it comes to saving
  • Alternative savings schemes on offer
  • Cash supplements in lieu of employer pension contribution
  • The lifetime Isa and offering a more holistic approach to tax-incentivised saving
  • Offering a more flexible approach to help employees tailor their saving to the different stages of their life.


Lara Smart

HR Services Manager Payroll & Reward

National Grid

15.50: Flexible benefits

  • Following changes to Salary Sacrifice, what are the pros and cons to a flexible benefits scheme
  • Understanding the changes to current schemes
  • How to manage out salary sacrifice into 2018

Sandra McGlade

Group Payroll & HR Services Manager

The Random House Group

16.20: Changes to pensions


  • The new pensions bill and The Pension Regulator's DC code of conduct – what will these changes mean for your business?
  • How you can assess the sustainability of your pension provider in uncertain times
  • Methods for demonstrating value for money to your employees
  • How you can mitigate the risks involved with pension freedoms


Malcolm Godwin

Head of Business Solutions


16.20: Review of auto-enrollment

  • 2017/18 - The Year Ahead
  • Compliance & Enforcement Case Studies
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Rob O'Carroll

Head of Automatic Enrolment, NEST policy and stewardship

Depatment for Work & Pensions




16.50: End of conference, followed by The Rewards

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