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10.30: Registration and check-in

11.15 - 12.00: One to one payroll surgery sessions with Learn Payroll's tutors



15 minute slots available to book with 1-2-1 Q&A and advice on payroll

  • Our expert tutors to go through any payroll issues or questions you may have
  • Your chance for specialist advice direct to you


12.00 - 12.45: Lunch served

12.45 - 13.15: Conference introduction and welcome


An introduction with Neil Hollister, Chief Executive at The Learn Centre


Neil Hollister

Chief Executive

The Learn Centre

13.15 - 14.15: The future of payroll


Hear from Ken Gurr about changes being introduced in the coming years

  • Hot topics of payroll
  • Need-to-know information and updates
  • Implications of the Autumn Budget 2017 and the changes that come with it

Ken Gurr

Payroll Training and Education Director

The Learn Centre

14.15 - 14.45: HR and gig economy


Discussion on how gig economy is affecting HR

  • Benefits and rewards
  • Risk management
  • Dealing with HR admin

Sola Osinoiki

Global People Operations Lead


14.45 - 15.15: Tea and coffee served

15.15 - 15.55: GDPR debrief and round table


Julie Northover leads a group session on GDPR

  • Company experiences
  • Impact on business and the way forward
  • Lessons learnt

Julie Northover

Payroll Specialist

15.15 - 15.55: Recruitment, advancement and career strategy


A talk on recruitment processes, and strategies and advances in careers

  • Best practices around recruiting staff
  • Effective strategies for advancing through your career
  • How to improve knowledge and skills

Nick Day

Managing Director

James Gray Associates

15.15 - 15.55: Expenses, benefits and salary sacrifice (OpRA) session


Sue Fisher leads a round-table review of changes and future models around what has become an ever changing area of administration

  • With further changes due and other areas being consulted in 2018
  • The end of "grandfathered salary sacrifice" schemes
  • Examining the future of benefits

Sue Fisher

Payroll Tutor
The Learn Centre

15.55 - 16.35: Pension changes


Updates on the changes in pensions

  • Continued pension reform
  • Current and future positions as we move closer to the steady state of both the government and private prospective
  • Crucial updates

Andy Nicholls

Industry Liaison Manager

The Pensions Regulator


Henry Tapper


First Actuarial

15.55 - 16.35: Increasing Staff Retention through Employee Wellbeing


An HR specialist panel review how to help employees not only in terms of their general wellbeing, but more specifically financial


  • Advice on how employers can help employees take charge of their own workplace finances
  • How payroll and HR are possibly benefiting from greater analytics and data in reward space
  • New employee engagement initiatives and changes to benefits

Mathew Davies

HR Director

Addison Lee


Shaun Davis

Global Director of Safety, Health, Wellbeing and Sustainability

Royal Mail


Peter Briffett



18.30 - 23.30: Reward 300 gala dinner

DAY 2: THURSDAY 7th June

From 08.15: Registration, coffee and croissants

09.15 - 09.55: Key Note Speaker - Edward Troup


Edward Troup, civil servant at HM Treasury and then HMRC and previous adviser to Chancellor of the Exchequer, gives a round-up of the current transformation of tax administration and of the world of work

  • Vital updates on legislation and tax
  • The likely future of business and tax administration over the coming years
  • Commentary on the role of payroll professionals with these changes

09.55 - 10.35: The ACAS update


The ACAS team join us to review and discuss current employment issues, including National Minimum Wage and Holiday pay

  • Understanding the effects of employment, payroll and workers rights in business
  • Key areas ACAS are focusing on
  • The employee point of view

09.55 - 10.35: Collective Defined Contribution pensions and Royal Mail

Pensions from the Royal Mail's perspective

  • Why Royal Mail and the Communication Workers Union are calling on the Government to allow Collective Defined Contribution (CDC) schemes in the UK
  • The benefits of CDC for employee and employer

Henry Tapper


First Actuarial


Douglas Hamilton

Head of Pensions Strategy

Royal Mail

10.35 - 11.00: Tea and coffee served

11.00 - 11.45: HMRC "Question Time"


Following the format of the popular television program

  • Key stakeholders from HMRC and the Payroll Industry answer questions set by the audience
  • Experts answering questions
  • Opportunity to ask questions about HMRC

Penny Earle

Customer and stakeholder advisor


11.00 - 11.45: Workplace benefits


A panel of skilled professionals give their advice on how to change the way workplace benefits serve your company

  • Moving away from traditional benefits systems and processing new initiatives
  • A wide range of expert speakers
  • Creating workplace savings as a result

Jenny Davidson

Director of People Propositions



Aaron Mudd

European Pay and Benefits Manager

Lush Cosmetics


Ian Hodson

Reward and Benefits Manager

University of Lincoln

11.45 - 12.30: Employment law


Talking through key areas that have affected the HR and Payroll industry with respect to employment law

  • Understanding legal requirements in the industry
  • Legal cases affecting employment
  • Key updates

Mike Tremeer

Senior Associate


12.30 - 13.15: Lunch

13.15 - 13.55: International payroll and HR update


Tim Kelsey provides an interesting overview on the various new rules and differences when dealing with countries around the world

  • Current and future issues in global payroll
  • Countries impacted
  • Key changes and special rules of employing abroad

Tim Kelsey


The Learn Centre

13.15 - 13.55: The Brexit update


Richard George provides an update on the current situation with regards to Brexit with payroll and HR

  • Challenges faced because of Brexit, and how to deal with them
  • A global perspective for UK based payroll and HR
  • Lessons learnt from the past 12 months

Richard George

Director of Education

The Learn Centre

13.55 - 14.35: Service level agreements and KPI's in payroll/HR


A workshop and discussions session with Fern Brooks

  • How we design and use SLA's and KPI's to support our organisations and customers
  • Ensuring they add value and are an effective business tool for understanding our service
  • The ability to improve as well as modelling for customers satisfaction of service

Fern Brooks

Payroll Tutor

The Learn Centre

13.55 - 14.35: Software, cloud and data security


Updates on security for software, cloud and data

  • The latest on software, cloud and data security
  • How to be more secure
  • Software recommendations

Adam Jeacock

Head of Marketing and Business Development

Emerge Secure

13.55 - 14.35: The payroll apprenticeship standard and the apprenticeship levy update


This session focuses on an update on the payroll apprenticeship and levy system

  • Looking at apprenticeships in the payroll department
  • How the training model works over the term of the apprenticeship
  • What changes lie ahead in regards to the levy system with the funding models and how we can use them most effectively in business

14.35 - 15.00: Tea and coffee served

15.00 - 15.40: The gender pay gap

The latest on gender pay gap reporting

  • How to make the reporting work to your advantage
  • The naming and shaming people that don't publish reports
  • Diversity and Inclusion experts talk the Equality and Human Rights Commission

Lenna Cumberbatch

Member of Diversity and Inclusion Steering Group

Wellcome Trust


Asif Sadiq MBE

Diversity and Inclusiveness Expert


Gamiel Yafai

Managing Director

Diversity Marketplace


Charlotte Sweeney

Founder and Director

Charlotte Sweeney Associates


Harriet Wright

Co-founder and CEO


Farrah Qureshi

Founder and CEO

Global Diversity Practice

15.40 - 16.20: The Future of Technology

Richard George

Director of Education

The Learn Centre

16.30: Conference closes

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