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Absence rates expose myth of 'Blue Monday' and 'National Sickie Day'

’Blue Monday’ and ’National Sickie Day’ are no more, according to an analysis of absentee rates for the first half of 2017.



The ELAS Group surveyed 9,300 employees from 75 companies across the UK and found that Monday 6 February (known as ‘National Sickie Day’) had only the sixth highest absence rate while Monday 16 January (known as ‘Blue Monday’) came in eighth, with the lowest absence rate out of all the Mondays in January.


Statistics show, however, that Mondays remain consistently blue across the first half of the year, with the absentee rate again almost double that of Fridays (2054/22% compared to 1169/12.5%). With the exception of Tuesday 3 January (the day with the highest absence rate in the first six months), all other days in the top ten fall on a Monday. May has two bank holidays, which explains why it is the only month where Tuesdays have the highest absence rate.


When it comes to weekend workers, employees are more likely to call in sick on a Sunday (6.5% compared to 5% on a Saturday).


Employees are most likely to call in sick between 6am and 8am, with 7am on Monday 6 February (National Sickie Day) coming in as the hour with the highest number of sick calls.


In 2016 February topped the list as the month with the highest absentee rate. However, in 2017, March comes in with the highest rate of total absence, with January taking the crown for average absence rate.


Once again, April is the healthiest month, with the lowest number of absences recorded across the board.


Top ten highest absences:

1. Tues 3 January
2. Mon 9 January
=2. Mon 23 January
4. Mon 27 March *Clocks changed
5. Mon 30 Jan
6. Mon 6 Feb *National Sickie Day
=6. Mon 20 March
8. Mon 16 Jan *Blue Monday
9. Mon 19 June
10. Mon 27 Feb


Top 10 times to call in:

1. 7am - Mon 6 Feb *National Sickie Day
2. 7am - Mon 20 March
3. 7am - Monday 9 Jan
4. 6am - Tues 3 Jan
5. 7am - Mon 3 April
6. 7am - Mon 23 Jan
=6. 7am - Mon 30 Jan
8. 7am - Tues 3 Jan
=8. 6am - Mon 9 Jan
10. 6am - Mon 16 Jan *Blue Monday
=10. 7am Mon 31 Jan
=10. 7am Mon 13 March


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