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Employers struggling to engage workforce

Nearly one in three (28%) employers have admitted that they are struggling to keep their employees engaged.

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Over half of employers responding to a Totaljobs survey said lower productivity (59%) and internet browsing (55%) were clear signs of lower engagement they were seeing in the workplace. Some 62% said poor performance was a common problem as a result of a lack of engagement.


Almost half (48%) of employers also report disengaged employees continue to arrive late and leave early, while 41% said chatting with colleagues suggested a lack of workplace engagement. The same number again said taking too many breaks during work hours might also indicate disengagement, as well as employees appearing distracted.


But when it comes to tackling a lack of employee engagement, one in two employers (51%) said clear communication, via email, newsletters and team meetings for example, was an effective strategy to improve engagement.


Nearly half (46%) of employers said setting out clear objectives for both individuals and teams was also effective.


Other supportive strategies to help employees engage with their work include:

  • Creating a stimulating work environment (39%)
  • Fostering a strong team dynamic (28%)
  • Building a strong and visible management team (25%)
  • Rewarding the most proactive or engaged employees (24%)


More than four in ten employers (44%) said hiring the right staff in the first instance is one of the most important ways to foster employee engagement.

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