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Cintra's Ian Holloway:"It’s hard for us to keep on top of the fact we haven’t just got one UK Government"

Ahead of the Payroll Autumn Update, Ian Holloway, head of legislation and compliance, at Cintra HR & Payroll takes part in a 60 second interview.


Holloway will be speaking at the Payroll Autumn Update on November 8 at the Hilton London Bankside.


Reward Strategy (RS): What will attendees learn from your session?

Ian Holloway (IH): "I really want to not only focus on where we are now, but what we’ve got to be looking forward to in the imminent and long-term future with the EU Exit coming up. I want to make people aware of the things happening in the imminent future of payroll."


RS: What sessions are you most looking forward to at the Payroll Autumn Update?

IH: "I am most looking forward to the session on the EU Exit schedule. With the EU Withdrawal Bill recently given royal assent we’ve now got a structured timetable in place.


"The employment law update will also be an interesting session because it will cover employment law in two jurisdictions - employment law in Great Britain and employment law that is completely devolved to Northern Ireland. It’s not always easy to find out what is happening in Northern Ireland, that could impact us in Great Britain."


RS: What do you think is the biggest challenge facing payroll and HR right now?

IH: "The EU Exit is going to be a major issue. It’s going to affect us personally and professionally, but we don’t know how or to what extent until we know exactly how we are coming out of the EU.


"The thing that is affecting me professionally on a daily basis, is looking at what comes out of Westminster as well as trying to monitor what comes out of Scotland, Wales and eventually Northern Ireland. It’s hard for us to keep on top of the fact we haven’t just got one UK Government, we’ve got a Scottish Government, a Welsh Assembly and a Northern Ireland Executive."


RS: What do you think has been the most visible change to payroll and HR in the last year?

IH: "The sharing of the taxation system with Scotland and the future sharing of income taxation with the Welsh Assembly has really opened people’s eyes to the fact that Scotland and Wales have a voice. People are starting to have an interest in what is going on in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland."


RS: What do you think will be a big issue for payroll and reward in the future?

IH: "Keeping on top of what is currently happening in all the devolved administrations and the long-term impact of the EU Exit."


To buy tickets for the conference, or enter The Rewards - the industry’s recognition programme taking place the night of the conference, call Chloe from our sales team on 020 7940 4863 or visit the website here.

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