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Double Olympian shares how wellbeing can drive high performance

Jack Green shares why he believes “wellbeing is the foundation of high performance”.


Employee wellbeing is intrinsically linked to the overall performance of a business; if employees are suffering with their physical or mental health for example, this will negatively impact their output and therefore a business will eventually suffer.


With this in mind, it is crucial that employers take care of their workers’ wellbeing, however double Olympian, Jack Green has shared that for too long now “wellbeing and performance have been viewed as being on opposite ends of the spectrum, when in reality they go hand in hand”.


Throughout his time in elite sport, the British sprint athlete recognised this to be true, where he learnt many lessons about the links between the two. He has since pointed out that these lessons don’t just belong on the running track, as he recently said: “They apply to every human being, in every role they play, be that as an employee, a colleague, a parent, or a friend.”


Green has since shared the key ways in which employers can focus on wellbeing to drive high performance. Below, Reward Strategy reveals the top three:

  1. Focus on the individual

Green explained: “My time in elite sport has taught me one thing above all others: a happy athlete is a fast athlete. Just as a happy athlete is a fast athlete, a content employee is a productive one.”


Reflecting on Green’s statement, it suggests that HR teams and employers should tackle the wellbeing of staff on an individual basis. For example, encouraging staff to take time for self-care every day, or simply asking if they have got enough sleep can all contribute to an increase in positive employee wellbeing, which will then help to boost performance within an organisation.

  1. Controlling the controllables

Throughout the pandemic, employers and employees have had to come to terms with a lack of control, as everything from job security to impending lockdowns made everything incredibly uncertain for all involved. However, Green pointed out that it’s important to control the things that can be controlled in order to drive high performance.


He advised: “Worrying about things you can’t control is not only exhausting, it will take away your ability to be the best version of yourself. So, the next time you’re nervous about something going wrong at work, try and focus on what you can control.”


To help encourage employees to follow this mindset, employers and HR teams should ensure the workforce is aware that they can take steps to prioritise their deadlines and responsibilities with the help of line managers for example, which will help to improve clarity and increase their ability to perform.

  1. Failure is part of success

Most employees will fear failure in everything they do, therefore building a workforce that is open and honest when it comes to struggles and difficulties will help to stamp out this culture. Green shared that employees should not beat themselves up, and employers should recognise successes openly for staff to share in one another’s successes. This outlook will help to boost morale and productivity, which will then lead to higher performance throughout a workforce.

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