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Gender pay gap will last for a century, say campaigners

The disparity in pay between men and women will take 100 years to close, according to a campaign group.

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The date of 10 November 2017 has been marked by campaigners as the point in the year when a woman on an average wage stops being paid relative to her male counterparts.


However, it has been pointed out that the gender pay gap in certain parts of the UK is so wide that it is equivalent to women working unpaid from September.


According to campaign group the Fawcett Society, progress in closing the pay gap has "stalled" for the last three years. If the mean average pay gap for full-time workers of 14.1% closes at the rate it has over the last five years, it won’t reach 0% until 2117, the society said.


Sam Smethers, Fawcett Society chief executive, said: “The pay gap is widest for older women as it grows over our working lives but we are now seeing a widening of the pay gap for younger women too, which suggests we are going backwards and that is extremely worrying."

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