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HMRC at the Reward Strategy Autumn Update

In November 2017 at the Reward Strategy Autumn Update, Ian Holloway interviewed Penny Earle from HMRC’s customer engagement team.


One of the things that Penny was very keen to get across was HMRC’s recent change of focus, demonstrated by her team’s mission statement of ‘Putting customers at the heart of everything we do’. This involves working with the reward profession as a result of feedback and escalating internally at HMRC to the appropriate places.


Penny brought along two colleagues:


  1. Toni Clark from the Master Customer Journey team, and
  2. Tim King from the business tax account section


Both were keen to engage with the profession. In this regard, the master Customer Journey team have put together the below which is a request for people to work with them:


As part of HMRC’s commitment to improving customer experience and interactions with HMRC, they are taking a fresh approach to designing services and are pioneering some high-level customer journeys.


The voice of the customer is integral to the Journey work. Detailing the Journey from a customer’s perspective, understanding their wants and needs, identifying their touch points with HMRC, their behaviours, experiences and emotions enables customer-centric policies and processes to be influenced. It also enables solutions and services of the future to be designed that best meet the needs of the customer.


As part of this work, as well as talking to customers we also want to hear from agents, intermediaries and other third-party providers as they can give a unique insight into the experience of their clients and customers on whose behalf they interact with HMRC.


If you would like to be involved in this work and shaping future HMRC services please let us know. We will retain your information and contact you regarding future journey work. It would help the Journey team if you could provide the area(s) where you could provide insight, i.e. employer perspective, payroll, agent, individual, other (please specify). In the meantime, if you would like to understand more about the Journey work please let us know.


We have complained for ages that HMRC seems unwilling to listen or accept help. = In an encouraging change of focus, HMRC is now obviously keen to engage and this is something the reward profession should be pleased about. Therefore, Reward Strategy encourages anyone who wants to be involved to get in contact using the above details.

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