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Workers kept awake by job worries

Over half of UK workers lose sleep as a result of workplace worries, according to research.


Safety barrier manufacturer A-SAFE polled 1,000 people working in industries including automotive, food and drink, logistics and transport, retail and government, and found that 58% of British workers lose sleep over their job. The data showed that almost a quarter (23%) regularly lose sleep, with a further 35% experiencing an occasional loss of sleep.


The poll, which found that some workers are missing out on more than ten hours of slumber a week, identified job security (34%), tight deadlines (28%), and line managers (25%) as the biggest worries for people at work. Client demands (23%), budget concerns (22%) and even office politics (20%) were also revealed as factors that contributed to insomnia.


The results revealed that some industries are losing more sleep over work than others, with the automotive industry losing the most, followed by government/MOD, health and hygiene, retail, logistics and transport, food and drink processing and building and construction.


It’s not just sleep that work is affecting. It has been revealed that workplace worries also result in increased alcohol intake (20%), relationship issues (35%), and nearly a third (32%) of the country not wanting to go to work.

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